I watch people all the time buy the latest

“I watch people all the time buy the latest flavor of their team, and they get burnt a lot,” says Jeff Finnigan, owner of Finnigan’s Sports Cards in Colonie. “I say you go with the legends. You go with the Hall of Famers, you go with your favorites.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Another fun way to journey through the Packers’s past is on the Packers Heritage Trail Trolley Tour. A red and green trolley takes you to significant stops along the Packers Heritage Trail, a series of twenty two commemorative bronze plaques that explain points of interest in the history of the football team as well as the town that has passionately embraced and supported it. Highlights include Curly Lambeau’s birthplace home and City Stadium, where the Packers played from 1925 to 1956 (and is now home to Green Bay’s East High School) Cheap Jerseys from china.

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